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Step 6: UMCOR

Give to at least one of the following UMCOR Disaster Response Projects, UMCOR Projects or UMCOR Special Sunday.

UMCOR Disaster Response Projects

Disaster Response International

General Advance #982450

Responding quickly to meet emergency needs around the world.

Disaster Response United States

General Advance #901670

Supporting UMCOR's response to disasters.

UMCOR Projects

Global migration

General Advance #3022144

Addressing the global refugee and migration crisis.

UMCOR Global Health

General Advance #3021770

Increasing access to health interventions in economically vulnerable communities.


General Advance #302951

Supporting communities to meet their needs for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene around the world.

Undesignated -UMCOR

General Advance #999895

Supporting programs that fight hunger and poverty, assist the displaced, and respond to disasters.