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Engage mi

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If you have questions, please contact Ministry Consultant Alice Townley at (517) 347-4030 x4082.

Download Engagemi  2020-2021 Book

Download Engagemi   Report Form (PDF)

Download Engagemi   Report Form (Word Doc)

2020 Engage MI Churches

Central Bay District
Coleman Faith, Mayville, Pigeon First, Shepherd, Wagarville, Watrousville, West Branch: First

East Winds District
Gaines, Grand Blanc, Flint: Court Street, Flushing, Lennon, Lexington, Sandusky: First, South Mundy, Port Huron: First, West Deerfield

Greater Detroit District
Birmingham: First, Dearborn: Good Shepherd, Gross Pointe, Howarth, Livonia: St. Matthew, Troy: Big Beaver, Utica, West Bloomfield, Wyandotte

Greater Southwest District
Gobles, Kalamazoo: Westwood, Portage: Chapel Hill, Scotts

Heritage District
Monroe: St Paul, Northville

Midwest District
Freemont, Lowell: First, Rockford, Turk Lake

Bancroft, Holt, Laingsburg, Nashville: Peace, Owosso: First

Northern Skies
Engadine, Gladstone: Memorial, Gwinn, Hancock: First, Iron Mountain: Trinity, Munising

Northern Waters District
Frankfort, Grawn, Old Mission Peninsula

Engagemi Overview

Engagemi is the mission engagement program for the Michigan Conference.

Engagemi challenges Michigan Conference congregations to comprehensive missional learning, giving and action with the goal of encouraging congregations to shift from transactional “ministry to” models to relational “ministry with” vulnerable people and communities.

The Engagemi program consists of three focus areas: Learn, Give, Act. Congregations that meet the requirements in all three areas will be recognized as “Engagemi Congregations.”

“Ministry With” – Foundational Concept for Engage MI 

“Ministry with” is the foundational concept for the Engage MI program.  Based on The United Methodist Church’s “Ministry with the Poor” Area of Focus, “ministry with” is grounded in Jesus’ practice of ministry, and our Wesleyan heritage. It is an invitation to move from models of “ministry to” into models of “ministry with.”   

“Ministry to” is defined as mission and ministry programs that merely “give to” or “do for” people. These programs can be highly efficient in distributing materials and resources to address immediate basic needs of food, water, clothing, and shelter. However, they can also create a hierarchy of “givers” over “receivers,” foster systems and relationships of dependency, and treat “givers” as saviors having all the resources and answers and the “receivers” as objects of charity and problems to be fixed.

In contrast, “ministry with” seeks not only to meet immediate needs, but, also, to foster mutual relationships where all participants are met with dignity, engaged in shared leadership, and growing together in God’s love. It is a challenge for all of us to prioritize people over programs, relationships over resources, and development of long-term solutions over quick fixes. 

The Engage MI mission and ministry projects, here in Michigan and around the world, are all seeking to respond to this invitation. The goal of Engage MI is to encourage your congregation to partner with these projects and to meet the challenge of being in “ministry with” people in your congregation and your local community.