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Conference Leadership

Group of Church Leaders


Secretary: Joy Barrett 

Statistician: Ron Iris

Facilitator:  Sue Buxton

Lay Leaders: John Wharton, Anne Soles


African-American Ministry  Chairpersons: Jan Brown, Simmie Proctor

Annual Conference Session  Chairperson:Nichea Ver Veer Guy

Archives & History  Chairperson: Chairperson: Mary Whitman

Asian-American Ministry  Chairperson: Jung Eun Yum

Board of Ordained Ministry  Chairperson: Laura Speiran

Church & Society  Convener: Albert Rush

Christian Unity & Interreligious Relationships  Convener:  Rod Gassaway

Communications  Convener: Mark Doyal

Committee on the Episcopacy  Chairperson: Jay Hook

Congregational Life  Chairperson:  Sherry Parker

Conference Leadership Council  Chairperson: Amy Mayo-Moyle

Congregational Vibrancy  Convener: Dirk Elliott

Disability Concerns  Convener: Coleen Wilsdon

Equitable Compensation  Convener: Mark Zender

Finance and Administration  President: Brad Bartelmay

Global Ministry  Chairperson: Brenda DuPree

Haiti Covenant Ministry Partnership Karl Zeigler

Higher Education & Campus Ministry  Convener: Richard Burstall

Hispanic/Latino Ministry  Chairperson:  Rey Mondragon

Human Resources  Chairperson: Rev. Ellen Zienert

Justice  Chairperson: George Covintree

Journal  Conference Secretary: Joy Barrett

Laity  Chairpersons: John Wharton/Anne Soles

Liberia Ministry Partnership  Jon Reynolds

Native American Ministry  Chairperson: Fran Church Pratt

Nominations  Chairperson: Janet Larner

Pension and Health Benefits  Chairperson: Steve Buck

Protection Policy  Chairperson: Judy Heriff

Religion & Race  Conveners: Ernestine Campbell, Scott Manning

Rules  Chairperson:  Todd Price

Status and Role of Women  Conveners: Patricia Bostic, Hillary Thurston-Cox

Small Membership Church  Convener: TBA

Trustees  Chairperson: Brent Webster

United Methodist Women  Presidents: Linda Darrow and Micki Phellps

United Methodist Men  President: TBA

Young People’s Ministries  Chairperson:  Christina Miller-Black

Young Adult Ministry  Convener: TBA

Youth Ministry  Convener: TBA