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Conference Leadership

How to serve

If you feel called to serving the Michigan Conference, or if you know of someone with gifts that would contribute to our vision, please visit our Nominations page.

You can also find the 2023 Nominations Report on this page, with the list of boards & agencies and their members.

How to contact conference leaders

Leaders who have provided contact information can be reached by clicking on their name in red.  If no leader or contact information is offered, please email [email protected]


Secretary: Joy Barrett 

Statistician: Pamela Stewart

Facilitator:  Jen Peters

Lay Leader: Annette Erbes

CFO: Angela Anger


African American Ministry Chairpersons:  Jan Brown, Simmie Proctor

Annual Conference Session Chairperson David Eardley

Archives & History Chairperson Melanie Young

Asian American Ministry Chairperson:  Anna Moon

Church & Society Convener Albert Rush

Christian Unity & Interreligious Relationships Convener:  Melissa Claxton

Communications Chairperson Mark Doyal

Congregational Life Chairperson:  Anthony Hood

Conference Leadership Council Chairperson Devon Herrell

Congregational Vibrancy Convener:  TBD

Disability Concerns Convener Michelle King

Episcopacy Chairperson John Wharton

Equitable Compensation Chairperson Mona Joslyn

Finance and Administration President Leslee Fritz

Global Ministry Chairperson Alex Plum

Haiti Covenant Ministry Partnership:  Valerie Mossman-Celestin

Higher Education & Campus Ministry Convener Jeffrey Williams

Hispanic/Latino Ministry Chairperson:  Rey Mondragon

Human Resources Chairperson Ellen Zienert

Justice ChairpersonGeorge Covintree

Journal Conference Secretary:  Joy Barrett

Laity Chairperson Annette Erbes

Liberia Ministry Partnership:  Jon Reynolds

Native American Ministry Chairperson Tammy Okuly

Nominations Chairperson Tara Gay

Ordained Ministry Chairperson:  Barry Petrucci

Pension and Health Benefits Chairperson Steve Buck

Religion & Race Conveners Ernestine Campbell

Rules Chairperson:  Todd Price

Status and Role of Women Convener Patricia Bostic

Small Membership Church Convener:  TBD

Trustees Chairperson:   Carolin Spragg

United Women in Faith President Julia Paradine-Rice

United Men of Faith President Don Archambeau

Young People’s Ministries Convener:  Elizabeth Hurd

Youth Ministry Contact TBD

Last Updated on April 10, 2024

The Michigan Conference