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Part D: International Partners

Give to at least one International General Advance Projects or qualifying Special Sunday.

Give to at least one Haiti related project

Give to at least one Liberia related project 

Special Sundays

Special Sundays are designated Sundays throughout the year that provide opportunities for giving. These special offerings are earmarked and support designated ministries.

On these Sundays, we empower our congregations to give toward causes and organizations that promote sustainable life change.

These offerings help offer refuge in times of disaster, promote peace and justice, provide scholarships, reach out to the community, teach skills to encourage self-sufficiency and share the love of Jesus Christ with God’s people everywhere.

View the Special Sunday's calendar.


international General Advance Projects


General Advance #01138A

Global Mission Undesignated supports the mission priorities of the General Board of Global Ministries where most needed, including mission programs in over 80 countries. The work of Global Ministries connects the church in mission by equipping and transforming people and places for God’s mission around the world.


General Advance #3021770

The Abundant Health project is working to increase access to health interventions in economically vulnerable communities. The project partners with thousands of communities and health workers through its community-based health programs, while also supporting United Methodist hospitals and clinics around the world. The programmatic emphasis over the next four years is to protect children from preventable causes of death and disease

Africa university scholarships

General Advance #3021028

The goal of this project is to assist bright African students with insufficient financial means to attend Africa University. There are many young people in Africa who have the potential to succeed at the university level,but do not have the financial means. The scholarships are an investment in Africa’s future by helping young people receive a quality education at Africa University


General Advance #3020619

This project will provide funds for needy students to buy basic necessities such as meals, toothpaste, toiletries, air-time, print pages, etc. It will allow students to focus on their studies and excel in the learning environment without having to worry about these basics.


General Advance #11713T

The Fairfield Children’s Home in Zimbabwe cares for abandoned children by providing love, clothing, food, and education. The goal is to make sure that all children at the home are taken care of spiritually, physically, socially, and mentally.


General Advance #982810

This project provides congregations with the resources to support disaster response and rights-based community development projects in communities around the world. Basic emergency supplies, as well as tools and resources for long-term recovery and development to communities in need, are provided.


General Advance #982380

CROP Hunger Walk is the community-based fundraising and awareness-building appeal of Church World Service and a major force in the fight to end hunger here at home and around the world. The funds raised provide food and water, as well as resources that empower people to meet their own needs. While the primary purpose is to end hunger, a secondary purpose is to bring local communities together in ecumenical partnership to be prophetic witnesses to the issue of hunger.

growing hope globally (former food resources bank)

General Advance #982493

The goal of Growing Hope Globally is to grow lasting solutions to hunger. To do that, this project partners with farmers, agribusinesses, and churches across the US. These partners grow crops or raise animals that are then sold, and the profits are donated to agricultural development projects around the world. These projects are implemented by UMCOR, Church World Service, and other non-profits.


General Advance #982532

This project works with communities to end hunger and poverty. It works directly with families by providing animals and training to become self-sufficient in sustainable ways appropriate for their circumstances. Families pass on the gift by providing their animals’ offspring to other members of the community, along with the training they have received,ensuring an ever-widening network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance

Mujila Falls Agricultural PROJECT - ZAMBIA

General Advance #15016A

Addressing hunger and poverty with sustainable agriculture and leadership training in Zambia. The primary objective of the project is to improve the diet of the Lunda People to reduce their very high infant mortality and low life expectancy. It was also to help the Lunda People to increase family incomes by becoming more effective and efficient farmers. The long-term impact is to help to make the Lunda farm families competitive in agricultural pursuits that are favored by the high rainfall and abundant land. Temba Nkomozepi, a United Methodist missionary, is the director of the program.

Mutumbara mission Hospital - Zimbabwe

General Advance #3022286

Mutambara Mission Hospital is a 120-bed facility located in Eastern Zimbabwe. The hospital offers comprehensive health programs including preventive, curative, and rehabilitative, as well as nurse education. Care includes programs for expectant mothers and people with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Emmanual Mefor is one of two doctors serving the facility. His spouse, Florence Mefor, is a nurse-midwife. The Mefors are United Methodist missionaries. 

New Life Center Zambia

General Advance #15057A

This project ministers through projects such as the PET bike, educational classes, and community health in Zambia. The goal is to establish and provide property and buildings for the UMC of Zambia, to develop spiritually sound Christian leaders and laypeople and to minister to the spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs of the church and the surrounding community

Nordic & baltic in mission together - ukraine and moldova

General Advance #14053A

General Conference 1992 decided to make Eurasia an independent episcopal area which also included Ukraine and Moldova. These churches not only continue to meet but also shelter and share humanitarian aid to those in need during crisis times. The church hopes to nurture leadership and empower the local churches, while also forging deeper relationships and partnerships.


General Advance #3021286

PAPA’s Ministries equips the local church of Jamaica and Haiti with leadership development and mission training for sustainable outreach. It enables VIM teams with resources to assist with whatever facet is necessary. The goal is to help the local church to be the very best witness for Christ that it can be. The project staff and network work alongside the church with encouragement, skills training, and assistance with church property repairs.


General Advance #418812

Solar Oven Partners empowers people in the Dominican Republic to use solar energy to meet their cooking needs. The project provides the solar oven kit and training to families. The kits are made by volunteers in the Dakotas. The benefits to families are cost savings, health benefits from pasteurizing drinking water and avoiding smoke inhalation, and environmental conservation.

Susannah wesley education & healthcare center - tanzania

General Advance #3020705

Located in Morogoro, Tanzania, the center provides job training and equipment to help women become self-sufficient. A scholarship program assists children to go to school. Some services improve the health of the community. Ngoy Mulunga Kalangwa, a United Methodist missionary, is the director of the program.


General Advance #13421A

This project helps to provide medical care to poor patients and purchase needed hospital equipment at Tansen United Mission Hospital in Nepal where the Dornons serve. There are many for whom a trip or admission to the hospital means that the rest of the family wouldn’t be able to eat. The hospital can assist these patients and families so that they, too, can get the healing care they need. Lester and Deborah Dornon, United Methodist missionaries, serve at Tansen as a senior physician and a services coordinator.

Haiti General Advance Projects

Grace Children's Hospital & Pediatric Clinic

General Advance #418520

Grace Children’s Hospital continues to provide in-patient and out-patient care for children and families with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and respiratory infections as well as provide follow-up care. Care is provided to those who would not be able to afford it otherwise and gives hope for children to live beyond their low life expectancy.

Grace Rural Health Clinics

General Advance #418847

Grace Rural Health Clinics provide family-based healthcare and education, including tuberculosis control and vaccines, to rural communities throughout Haiti where 8 out of 10 Haitians live. There is a lack of health education, health services, and hope. By empowering communities to take charge of their health, ICC is bringing powerful, effective, and sustainable change to rural Haiti.

haiti ministry partnership -

Michigan conference


The Haiti Ministry Partnership identifies Haitian ministry partners for engagement with Michigan Conference congregations and encourages broad participation with these ministry partners to demonstrate Christ's love to the churches, communities, and people of Haiti, empowering them to improve their lives and thrive.


Haitian Assets for Peace International (HAPI)

General Advance #3020490

HAPI is driving sustainable change in SE Haiti through healthcare, education, and employment. Their services address maternal and infant mortality, heart disease, and more. In 2023 they launched the HAPI Haiti Heart Institute (HHHI), with the goal of extending Haitian life expectancy. The institute provides treatment and trains Haitian medical professionals. HAPI also equips young people with computer and English language skills and fosters economic self-reliance. Support for HAPI transforms lives for a healthier, more prosperous Haiti.


General Advance #3020507

Next Generation Ministries aims to be a beacon of hope and prosperity to marginalized families near Jeremie Haiti.  They manage a scholarship program for higher education for young adults. They also work with partner organizations to spread the gospel and improve lives through health, community development, and shelter. Donations can be designated to support NGM young adult scholarships or a partner initiative through Jeremie Rising (orphanage, mobile clinic), GAHDA (breast cancer treatment), or Friends for Health in Haiti (clinic, agriculture).

Liberia General Advance Projects

Bishop Judith Craig Children Village

General Advance #11820A

This project provides for the basic needs, education, counseling, and healthcare of children in the Bishop Judith Craig Children Village.

Ganta United Methodist Hospital

General Advance #15080N

Ganta Hospital provides quality and affordable healthcare in the rural northern area of Liberia. The “affordable” fee-for-service falls far below the costs of services provided. Some of the struggling rural subsistence farming families cannot afford to pay the full amount.

liberia ministry partnership - michigan conference


The Liberia Ministry Partnership works to support and extend the covenant relationship between the people of the Michigan Annual Conference and the Liberia Annual Conference.


General Advance #15124A

The goal of this project is to improve the substandard living conditions of our rural Local Pastors and District Superintendents and their families which is a major factor of their commitment to the call and work of the Church in Liberia.


General Advance #15070A

The objective of the United Methodist Rural and Agriculture Development Program (UMRADP) is to support agriculture infrastructure revitalization and development, increase cash and food crop production, and strengthen community outreach strategies to improve food security, job creation, and poverty reduction for sustainability and self-reliance.


General Advance #15125B

In Liberia, students often drop out of school because they cannot pay school fees. Even government schools charge fees. The mission of this project is to help students stay in school by providing scholarships to those who cannot afford the cost of tuition. In some rural areas, the United Methodist School is the only school.

Water for Life

General Advance #3020811

Clean and safe drinking water and sanitation are human rights issues that need urgent attention in rural post-war Liberia. Most residents are drinking from unsafe sources of water and do not have access to standard toilet facilities. As a result, water-borne diseases are common. This project helps communities by constructing wells and proper toilet facilities within communities and school sand sets up community structures and leadership that will supervise and coordinate the wells and toilets.

Last Updated on April 23, 2024

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