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Step 3: National

Give to at least one of the following U.S. General Advance Projects, Red Bird Mission General Advance Projects, or qualifying Special Sunday.

Red Bird General Mission General Projects

Henderson Settlement

General Advance #773365

Creating opportunities for better lives through Christ-centered service in the Red Bird Missionary Conference

Red Bird Mission

General Advance #773726

Providing essential services to people in rural Appalachia

Red Bird Christian School

General Advance #773728

Providing education for K-12 in a Christian environment in rural Appalachia

Red Bird Clinic Community Health Center

General Advance #773724

Providing health programs for low-income underinsured and uninsured people in remote mountain areas

United States General Advance Projects

Homelessness in the U.S.

General Advance #982358

Providing start-up assistance for new and innovative church-based ministries to homeless people

McCurdy Ministries

General Advance #581479

Sharing educational ministries to help students and families in Española, NM succeed in school and in life

National Justice for Our Neighbors NJFON

General Advance #901285

Creating a welcoming community by providing immigration legal services, education and advocacy


General Advance #801600

Salvaging fresh produce to reduce hunger and improve health of people in greatest need across the U.S.



General Advance #13105Z

Supporting young adult missionaries, i.e. Global Mission Fellows, of the UMC around the world.

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