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Bishop Bard offers ‘Room for Grace’

Corey Simon conversation with Bishop Bard

Want to learn more about the recently announced Bard-Jones Plan for Unity in The UMC? Listen to this 36-minute podcast, Room for Grace, hostd by Pastor Corey Simon.

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On July 24 Pastor Corey Simon, host of the podcast series, “The Open Pew,” sat down for conversation with Bishop David Bard of The Michigan Conference.

Discussion focused on the recently announced plan for maintaining unity within the denomination. The Bard-Jones Plan attempts to maintain unity while maintaining the “wide umbrella” Methodism is most known for.

These are among the questions Simon poses …

“Who approached who on the Bard-Jones Plan?”

“What do you do when there is an entity in the church that operates as an outside influence but works within to cause chaos?”

“I have heard from some who say they cannot trust you because you’ve taken a position … “

“Where do you hope to see the Methodist Church in five years, and where might you realistically expect to see it?”

“What are some of your favorite stories of ministry since you’ve become a bishop?”


The Open Pew Podcast is “your home for theology from the ground up” featuring conversations in practical theology. Pastor Corey Simon was appointed on July 1, 2019 to Martin and Shelbyville United Methodist churches.