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A holy season filled with lots of surprises

Greetings of the season from Bishop Bard

In this year’s Advent message, Bishop David Bard notes that some surprises are bad. But he adds we can also expect to be surprised by God’s joy, hope, and love during this blessed season.

Michigan UMs share Oxford grief

Interior Oxford UMC

The Michigan Conference surrounds the village of Oxford with love as events continue to unfold after a school shooting on November 30, 2021 that claimed four lives.

Growing community for Christ

Community at the Laundromat

Hosted by two United Methodist congregations in a western community of Detroit, the Redford Brightmoor Initiative began with free stores and now serves many of their neighbors’ needs.

Christmas things you may not know

Christmas journey of Magi

Advent is a season full of traditions and experiences. Our journey to Christmas would not be the same without them. But how did they get started in the first place?

Always now and not yet

Now celebrate the light

Now is the time to remember that Christmas “light, grace, hope, joy, peace, and love will soon arrive into the world, break into it and break through all that might get in the way.”

Please remain vigilant during Advent

Advent with shepherd and sheep

Advent has come into our churches and homes. Bishop David Bard shares a pastoral letter with The Michigan Conference as the state goes through the fourth surge of COVID-19.

Advent appeal aids disaster recovery

Disaster recovery scene 2021

The Bishop’s Advent Appeal for 2021 aims to be “a surprise of hope for people near and far.” Gifts will support disaster recovery in Michigan, the United States, and countries around the globe.

Bay Shore expands to second campus

Bay Shore Camp in Sebewaing, MI

New things are happening at Bay Shore Camp. Traveling Day Camps began in 2021. Next year a new facility in nearby Gagetown will offer new opportunities for kids and families.

Things to make your Advent special

Advent blessing for tree

We are just two days away from the first Sunday of Advent! Here are some activities, ideas, and resources to guide you and your family on your journey to Christmas.

Tara R. Sutton

From: East Winds District — South Mundy/Halsey UMCs …  To: Greater Detroit District — Troy: Big Beaver UMC. This appointment begins February 1, 2022.