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Details of disaffiliation process made clear

Those on opposite sides of the disaffiliation process embrace on stage.

A process for disaffiliation from The UMC, outlined by Michigan Conference Trustees, will be posted Aug.1 on the Conference website.


Michigan Conference Board of Trustees, Chair

It has been the objective of Bishop Bard, conference directors, our legal counsel, and the conference Trustees to provide anyone interested in assessing the possibility of disaffiliating from The United Methodist Church with as complete a picture as possible.

The culmination of many hours of discussion, debate, and conclusions will be posted on the conference website on August 1 in the form of:

  1. the formal Disaffiliation Agreement;
  2. an explanation of the process and its elements; and
  3. a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section with provided answers. Contact information will also be given for specific questions.

As of August 1, 2019 this information will be available at

We have endeavored to ensure these elements are both comprehensive and compatible with other conferences by sharing our work with their bishops and chancellors. This is a material decision with both obvious, and potentially unintended, consequences. We want to make certain that if a decision is made to disaffiliate, no one later laments, “we didn’t realize that would happen.”