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‘Why do we fill out these forms?’

Man filling out paper forms

The Rev. John Hice claims the process of creating and completing ministry-related forms does make a difference, even though it may be difficult to see at times.

Who needs a queen?

Royal items

Jack Harnish reflects on the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and offers some wonderings about why her death touches us so deeply.

My almost-100 years as a Methodist

The Rev. Mel West, founder of Mobility Worldwide

The Rev. Mel West, founder of Mobility Worldwide, reflects on growing up in rural Missouri and how the trinity of family, farm, and church shaped his life and faith as… Continue Reading My almost-100 years as a Methodist

Addressing denominational tensions

Vine and tendrils

In this month’s Joyful Journey, Bishop David Bard addresses denominational tensions by correcting misinformation that is spreading about the Michigan Conference’s disaffiliation process and what theology he believes will guide… Continue Reading Addressing denominational tensions

We’ve always done it that way before

Eucharist ready to be served

The Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford encourages us not only to be grateful for the foundational elements of our faith but also to consider new ways to deepen our relationship with… Continue Reading We’ve always done it that way before

It’s complicated

brain neurons

In this month’s Joyful Journey, Bishop David Bard challenges us to appreciate complexity as a spiritual practice for maturing Christians.

It’s okay not to be okay

Rev. John Kasper dispels the myth that God won’t love us or be there for us until we get our lives in order and do all the right things.

A Methodist till I die

Woman singing in church

Jack Harnish gives five reasons why he loves being United Methodist and why he intends to remain one until he dies.

Shine like the stars

Carina Nebula image from Webb telescope

As an amateur astronomer, Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford finds awe in the study of the stars, and encourages us to look to the heavens and live into the expansive love… Continue Reading Shine like the stars

Remembering freedom

Rev. Dr. Amy Steele challenges us to remember human freedom in every corner of the world, starting with the ground on which we stand.