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Webinars boost resilience during COVID

Resilience during pandemic

COVID Resilience is the focus of a new four-part webinar series that begins October 1. Mark your calendars now.

As COVID-19’s grip on the nation stretches into fall on its way to winter, the staff of the Michigan Conference offer a new four-week webinar experience: Covid ResetResilience: enneagram + anti-racism + relationship systems. These webinars are scheduled for Thursday, October 1, 15, 29, and November 12, 6 pm.

In this continuation of the spring series, Countering the COVID Aftershock, participants are invited to “tap your best thinking and possibilities by exploring biblical illustrations and other online resources.” 

Conversations will be facilitated by Lisa Batten, Tim Tuthill, and Naomi Garcia. Guest panelists include Laura Witkowski, Sarah DeHaan, Marva Pope, and Paul Perez.

Leaders offer this preview. The seemingly endless nature of the ongoing global pandemic creates discomfort and feelings of loss of control. We must adapt and readapt. This webinar addresses how to raise resilience by being a solid self. We cannot come at being a self working only from one angle. It is necessary to engage both the internal and external forces that influence us.

Each session is designed for those new and experienced with the enneagram, anti-racism, and systems thinking.  Participation in each session is encouraged. Those able to attend only part-time will be welcomed every time.

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

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