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Student Day is November 25

College Students

The United Methodist Student Day Offering supports students so that they can attend school and prepare to make a difference in the world. 

Have RV and love to volunteer?

RV traveling down the road in autumn.

You own an RV. What will you do with your retirement? You can commit to do the Jesus-thing with NOMADS. 

Family finds comfort during storm

Church members pray for Jadon Olsen

Young man and his family experience the power of prayer after an accident in the early hours of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

How to help without hurting

Man holding a Cleaning Bucket

First responders. Early Response Teams. Volunteers in Mission. There’s a time and a place for all to help. Here’s how “helping” works.

Telling the UMW story

United Methodist Women reach out

The strategic plan of UMW focuses on deepening faith, strengthening skills, expanding partnerships and setting a values-based context for mission.

Celebrating one who ‘died well’

Book with daisies

Rev. John Harnish reviews the book, “Dying Well: the Resurrected Life of Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann, published by Cass Community Publishing House.

A story of three families

Two fathers in the film Beautifully Broken

A film relates the personal struggles of United Methodists in Tennessee that intertwined with a gruesome time in Rwandan history.

School supplies you cannot buy

School Supplies

Fresh markers. New backpack. Brand name shoes. These are not the most important things that kids take into the classroom this fall.

Lay minister serves as golden oldies dj

Lay Minister and Disk Jockey, Tom Kinkead

Alamo UMC, a 96-member congregation in Texas, blesses its neighbors and wins them for Christ with a 24/7 radio broadcast.

Help provide water for first peoples

UMCOR Water & Sanitation

UMCOR WASH is committed to continuing work with the water needs of indigenous communities. Your gift will bring new life.