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Where is God in the fog?

Man walking in fog

Disturbing events in our day cause us to question God’s presence and purpose, but the imperative to love, as Jesus demonstrated to a blind man, continues to be clear.

Something caught alight inside

Paul Reissmann at ordination service

Continuing our series of articles on our newest ordinands, Rev. Paul Reissmann traces his path to ministry as an unfolding of revelations and a kindling of passion for service in… Continue Reading Something caught alight inside

Honoring my hero of the faith

Pastor as faith hero

In celebration of Black History Month, Rev. Dr. Tara Gay honors the life of her friend and hero, Rev. Dr. Julius Del Pino, for his courageous spirit, moral integrity, and… Continue Reading Honoring my hero of the faith

Witnessing to the power of prayer

Seminary student in library

Retired pastor Glenn Wagner tells the story of a refugee’s courageous life that attests to the connectional spirit that is central to Methodism.

Remembering a divine grace experience

Butterfly landing on a boy's cast

Retired pastor Gordon Schleicher remembers a profound experience of God’s grace featuring a monarch butterfly and his trusty 35mm camera.

Painted prayers

Art teacher and student

God has taken Rev. Sue Trowbridge’s artistic gifts and transformed them into a life-changing ministry in Battle Creek where people find recovery and hope.

‘You are so beautiful to me’

Scott Marsh being ordained

Rev. Scott Marsh continues our series of articles on our newest ordinands by sharing examples of how God has used each life experience to guide and shape his path into… Continue Reading ‘You are so beautiful to me’

‘I’ll be home for Christmas’

Bus driving in the snow

In part two of this true story, Cheryl Bistayi reflects on her brief encounter with Vincent and wonders if he ever made it home to Honduras.

A tribute to Vincent, mi amigo

Bus ticket

Cheryl Bistayi shares how she learned valuable faith lessons from an unlikely friendship with a sojourner during Christmas. This is the first half of a two-part story.

Christmas is crazy

Mary and baby Jesus

The Christmas story, says retired pastor Sondra Willobee, is irrational, for it’s the story of a divine love that pushes the boundaries of what we thought possible.

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