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All Hallows Eve and the UMC


Halloween has become a very popular holiday on the cultural calendar. However, beginning in the Middle Ages, All Hallows Eve was a religious observance.

Online opportunities for learning

Online Learning options

Jesus and Justice are the focus of these online learning opportunities starting next week. Register now for the Christmas through Jewish Eyes experience or the Disabilities to Differences study.

God and holy construction work

Road construction ahead

Last June, he and his wife moved into the parsonage in Lansing. It was several months before the road construction outside the house did not disrupt their lives. Pastor Robert Blanchard reflects.

She works to keep God happy

Billie Jean Baker, woman of God

Her work on the streets of Dallas means life-or-death to those without shelter. The North Texas Conference recognized Bille Jean Baker’s service with God among the homeless with a Harry Denman Award.

Celebrate your tapestry of faith

Girl remembers her family and faith

The Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford encourages us to remember our legacy. Take time to celebrate the members of your personal and faith family tree.

Courage to face our fears

Freedom from fears

The Rev. Glenn Wagner helps us understand fear in order to be better at coping with it. He says, ” … trusting God in all things can be a great help.” 

Pandemic-proof ways to say thanks

A congregation says thanks

An after-worship Sunday dinner, a handshake, or a hug are traditional ways to say, “Thanks, pastor.” Not possible right now. But here are some other ways to tell your leader you care.

Get a snack and some rest

Man and dog get rest

From the beginning, when God blessed the seventh day, scripture tells us that rest is a good thing. Pastor Dillon Burns reflects on that topic in this video devotion.

8 ways to serve during a pandemic

Serve with COVID care packages from Beverly Hills UMC

You can be a change agent in your community even during a pandemic. You can do some things at home or put on a mask, keep a healthy distance, and go out and serve.

Is the UMC involved in politics?

Get involved in government. Vote.

What can and can’t congregations and individuals do when getting involved actively in politics? Here’s a guide for United Methodists based on the Social Principles of the denomination.