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Words that matter today

Baptismal words at the font

“Words really do matter,” says the Rev. Jack Harnish as he takes a look at the language in our baptismal vows.

Three great gifts of Christian camping

Camping at Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat

The Rev. David Berkey, Executive Director of Michigan Area United Methodist Camping, talks about the powerful spiritual gifts of camping.

Compassion and hope for Lent

Painting for Lent

To read during Lent. A booklet compiled by Ardell Grander shares unique mission experiences written by those who have given their lives in service to others. 

Deacon on a motorcyle

Deacon Rod Gasaway in the UP

The second in a series on the ministry of the deacon in The Michigan Conference. Meet Rodney Gasaway, a second-career clergyperson with a heart for people.

New ways to pray during Lent

Pray during Lent

Joe Iovino asserts that there is no one-size-fits-all technique for prayer. “Each of us needs to find our unique style.” Pray in a variety of ways during Lent.

Adrian honors Dr. James Cone

James H. Cone exhibit at Adrian College

Dr. James Cone taught at Adrian College in the late 1960s, and it was here that he wrote his groundbreaking work, Black Theology and Black Power (published in 1969).

Love overcomes COVID weariness

Bible dispels weariness

Sharing examples of biblical leaders who battled weariness, the Rev. Dr. Marcel Lamb reminds us that God is still with us, leading us onward through the pandemic. 

It works for me!

The cross works for good

It has been 49 years since a man asked Glenn Wagner the question, “Why are you a Christian?” He then works years growing in his ability to witness for Jesus.

The Great Commission means us!

Hands fulfill the great commission

Laura Witkowski asks, “It is possible that we have focused more on the making rather than the being” of discipleship? She invites all to a Zoom conversation on the Great… Continue Reading The Great Commission means us!

Cheering for the underdogs

Family cheering the underdogs

What happens in football can happen in the church. Underdogs can win despite what pundits, sportscasters, and fans may think.