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Each drop does matter

Boy drinking water from spigot

Having access to clean water is vital to life for people all over the world. As we approach Earth Day on April 22, Cheryl Bistayi reflects on this and challenges us to do our part however we can.

Allendale: Valley UMC

I just cut the stems of flowers that I carried to the cottage and back and put them in a smaller vase, trying to get as much life out of them as I could. I do this whenever I have flowers or anything that still has life and beauty in it.

I had just put clean water into the old vase, but when I realized that one was too big now, I poured the water from the bigger vase into the smaller one.

It just seemed silly to waste that water.

That made me meander.

I meandered back to Haiti and saw the pastor at HAPI, where we stayed and worked, pouring every drop of water into any receptacle he could find. I remember holding my glass up so he could use that last drop.

Yes, I got the last drop.

And, believe me, I didn’t use it for watering flowers.

I used it to brush my teeth.

And I was grateful.

I meandered back to when I realized where the water came from as I climbed down the steep, treacherous hill to the water source. The next day, a Haitian man in his 70s climbed down that same hill to haul water up to our site.

So that I could brush my teeth.

I meandered back to the purification kits we took with the hope that moms and grandmoms would use them to keep their water cleaner and their children healthier.

We take water, and so much, for granted, but water is precious in many places.

Each drop does matter.

So, I pour it from one vase into another.

Which does absolutely nothing for the pastor, the water carrier, or the children of Haiti (or Flint)!

But the very act of pouring brought them to me once again, and so I bring them to you.

Meandering there reminded me of how important it is to keep life (and whatever beauty we can find) going however we can, wherever we can, whenever we can, with whomever we can . . .

. . . right to the very last drop.

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

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