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Each drop does matter

Boy drinking water from spigot

Having access to clean water is vital to life for people all over the world. As we approach Earth Day on April 22, Cheryl Bistayi reflects on this and challenges… Continue Reading Each drop does matter

Water for Life digs wells in Guinea

Children pump water in Guinea

  Water for Life, a project of The UMC in Liberia, has plans to build at least five water wells in Guinea.

What’s next for Standing Rock?

Standing Rock water protectors haven’t given up their fight to protect the future of Mother Earth.

About World Water Day

“Why waste fresh water?” was the question asked around the globe on March 22nd, 2017.

Water protectors remain in camp

Tribal leaders urge supporters to contact congressional leaders over the pipeline decision, as nearly 800 remain camped out near Dakota Access Pipeline site.

He pedals so they can drink

Ten-year-old Joshua Nystrom is riding his bike from Lansing to the Straits with a passion for clean water.

Clean water for all

Places as far flung as Flint, Michigan and Freetown, Liberia found advocates at the UMW Water Rally on May 16 at General Conference.

The Michigan Conference