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He pedals so they can drink

Ten-year-old Joshua Nystrom is riding his bike from Lansing to the Straits with a passion for clean water.

Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area

Joshua Nystrom, age 10, is about to jump on his bike and ride 354 miles. Just for fun? No. Joshua wants to raise awareness and funds for clean drinking water for the people of Haiti and Flint.

Joshua had the idea to ride the annual DALMAC bike tour as a Christian mission fundraiser. Joshua and his dad, Pastor Rob Nystrom, will be riding their bikes from Lansing to the Straits of Mackinaw in five days, August 31 to September 4.

Half of the money contributed to his effort will provide Sawyer water filter systems in Haiti. These filters are designed to be reusable, efficient, inexpensive, and easy to use. They are being provided in areas where there is no safe drinking water and they are saving lives. Volunteers in Mission from The Michigan Area will be installing the filters in Haiti during the coming year. Use of these funds will be administered by the Michigan Area Haiti Task Force.

The other half of the dollars donated will be added to Bishop Kiesey’s Appeal for the Flint Water Crisis. This fund provides replacement filters and Zero Water Pitchers for the city’s residents. These supplies are distributed through Emergency Water Resource Centers set up in the United Methodist churches of Flint. Gregory Timmons, Water Recovery Coordinator, and the Crossroads District will administer the use of funds for Flint.

The Nystrom family asks for prayers … for Joshua and Rob, for the people of Haiti, and for VIM teams going to Haiti.

They also need supporters. Both Projects–the Flint Water Crisis and Water Filters for Haiti–are recognized by the West Michigan and Detroit conferences. All donations will be received by the West Michigan Conference Treasurer. Checks payable to the West Michigan Conference Treasurer, with memo to Joshua’s Ride, may be mailed to P. O. Box 6247, Grand Rapids, MI 49516.

This year’s ride will be Joshua’s second ride for clean water. Last year 100% of the $2,222 that Joshua raised was used to buy water filters for use in Haiti. “Everyone should have access to clean water!” Joshua says.

Follow Joshua’s progress on Facebook.

Last Updated on August 22, 2016

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