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Video Sermon Bank available

Here’s an online answer to pulpit supply. The Board of Congregational Life offers a Video Sermon Bank for use by preachers who need time away.

Need a video sermon for this time of pastoral transition? 

Need a sermon for a vacation week?

Stressed out because of everything crazy happening in life and need a Sunday off?

The Board of Congregational Life is opening a “Video Sermon Bank.” We are offering sermons from pastors throughout the Michigan Conference. Some sermons are from large-church pastors, some from small-church pastors, some from Elders, Deacons, and Local Pastors.  Some are from District Superintendents, and others from Conference staff members. Most are in English, although we will have some in Spanish. (We are gathering sermons now and will continue to add to the bank).  These sermons are offered as a gift to their colleagues.

With each message, we are providing the name of the person preaching the sermon, the title of message, the scripture text, and a short description of the message. 

Also provided is a key to whether it is time-sensitive. That might mean that it is for a time in the Christian year, or maybe it deals with Covid-19.

Some of the messages are embedded in the entire worship service.  You can use the whole service or just the message. Mix and match to meet your needs.

So, if you need a video sermon or worship service, just go to the Video Sermon Bank on the “Starting Something New” resource page of the Michigan UMC website (https://michiganumc.org/resources-old/local-church/new-faith-communities), request a password from Jodi Fuller  [email protected],  and search for the message that works for your congregation.  

If you have additional questions, email the Rev. Dirk Elliott, Director of Congregational Vibrancy, at [email protected].

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

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