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Starting Something New

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Cohort Coming Soon!

Fresh Expressions LogoFor those dreaming, visioning, planning, starting, already started an FX, a Fresh Expression Cohort Starts in January, 2023.

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New Faith Communities/Vibrancy

All of healthy life is about growth and reproduction.  When churches intentionally grow they become healthier.  Consider how your local church might become more vibrant by adding a new small group, a new venue, worship or even a new campus. 

Look below to learn how to get started, or for those already started, check out the Upcoming Events, Toolbox, and Reach Network at left for excellent resources and services.

Starting a new small group

The easiest and fastest way to grow is with the start of new small groups.  Small groups are entry levels for people to get involved in the life of the church, build new relationships and grown in their faith.  They become stronger disciples and learn how to make new disciples.  

Starting a new venue

Worshiping in a new place is a great way to create new disciples. It may be a restaurant, pub, community building, or coffee house. New venues welcome people who would not normally come inside a church building and also reach secular people. 

Starting a new worship service

People like choices.  Times, days of the week and styles.  Most local churches are designed to meet the needs of just one group of people.  Adding a new service with new kinds of music, tempo, prayers, and even lighting, will welcome a whole new group to your church.  

Starting a new faith community

Your church may be feeling the call to reach out to new parts of your community.  Starting a new faith community is the easiest way to create new disciples, multiplies your values in a new setting and can even help smaller struggling churches grow again. 

Introducing Sermon Bank

Pastors can now browse and select from a library of superb sermons for use in the local church.  These sermons are offered as a gift to their fellow colleagues needing pulpit supply to allow for respite time.   To get started, contact Jodi Fuller [email protected] to receive a password to view sermons in the bank. 



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