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Conference Treasurer's Office Staff

Please feel free to contact our staff.
Office hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm weekdays.

Michigan Conference Center North
1161 E. Clark Rd., Ste 212
DeWitt, MI 48820

Phone: (517) 347-4030

Don Emmert

Rev. Donald Emmert

Interim Conference Financial Officer 
517-347-4030 ext. 4110

The Conference Treasurer is the fiduciary agent of the Annual Conference whose duties include receiving and disbursing remittances from local churches, conference members, and other agencies. They are also responsible for financial reports that go to committees, agencies, and commissions. They are responsible for providing financial counsel and guidance to local churches and districts.

The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for office management, property management, technology services, and other administrative services as determined.

Kriss Salters

Kriss Salters

Administrative Assistant
517-347-4030 ext. 4138

Jilll Smith

Jill Smith

517-347-4030 ext. 4133

The Accountant is the person responsible for the processing of general ledger reports, general ledger processing, and any other general ledger duties for both conferences. They are responsible for Worker's Compensation billing and receiving.

Questions that should be directed to the Accountant include:

  • What if I need a detailed transaction list or trial balance for a specific account?
  • What if I need a budget status report?
  • When are my reports going to be ready?
  • Can I set up my Ministry Shares as an ACH (Automated Clearing House)?
  • Has my ACH been submitted?
Kim Kemmis works at Treasury

Kim Kemmis

Accounts Payable
517-347-4030 ext. 4132

Kim is responsible for inputting all invoices and producing the payables checks for the Conference. They are also responsible for producing credit card bills and inputting the credit card reports into general ledger.  She is also responsible for approving all moves for the Michigan Conference.

Questions that should be directed to Kim include:

  • I am moving, what do I need to know?
  • What is the current mileage rate?
  • What voucher do I need to submit for my expenses?
  • How do I get my voucher to you?
  • Why do I need a W-9 completed?
Rich Pittenger

Rich Pittenger

Accounts Receivable
517-347-4030 ext. 4134

The Accounts Receivable person is responsible for the billing, depositing, and reporting of the Apportionments / Ministry Shares programs. They are responsible for the depositing of miscellaneous receivables for the Michigan Conference and Paypal.

Questions that should be directed to Rich include:

  • What if I have Ministry Shares / Apportionment questions?
  • Where do I send my payment?
  • What if I do not understand my Ministry Shares / Apportionment statement?
  • What if I need a report for Paypal?
  • What if I need an Advance number?
Michael Mayo Moyle

Michael Mayo-Moyle

IT Specialist
517-347-4030 ext. 4136

The IT Specialist person is responsible for all technology issues of the Conference and Conference employees. This includes, but not limited to, purchasing and repairing of computers, printers, copiers, and telephones.

Questions that should be directed to Michael include:

  • What if I am locked out of my computer (or email), can you reset my password?
  • What if the printer / copier isn’t working, can you fix it?
  • What is the Wi-Fi Password?
  • What if I cannot connect to the network (shared) drive?
  • What if I need a new computer or printer?

Pamela Stewart

Michigan Conference Statistician/
EZRA Database Specialist
517-347-4030 ext. 4137

The EZRA Specialist person is responsible for all issues pertaining to the EZRA system in regards to Conference, District, and Local Church leadership. This includes, but not limited to, inputting information and training personnel in using the EZRA system.

Questions that should be directed to Pamela include:

  • What if I need to reset my password in Ezra?
  • What If I need to enter leadership in the Ezra Church Dashboard?
  • What if I have an Ezra question?