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UMCOR a neighbor to all

University students with Cleaning Buckets

From disaster relief to crop security, the United Methodist Committee on Relief provides well-implemented and faith-based assistance to all God’s people.

UMCOR mobilizes from Africa to Iowa

As UMCOR Sunday approaches, UMCOR is working on the scene of flooding in mid-America and a cyclone in southern Africa.

UMCOR is on the job in Michigan Conference

The Michigan Conference’s new Coordinator of Disaster Recovery Ministries, Nancy Money, talks about the future of disaster preparedness in the state, and the importance of strong support for UMCOR Sunday. 

UMCOR needs you on March 31

Cleaning Buckets being made ready for use after storms in the southern U.S.

UMCOR Sunday, a church-wide special offering that pays the administrative costs of UMCOR, is coming in four weeks. Your gifts support the 100% promise.

Thanks for Special Sunday support

Michigan United Methodists gave over a quarter million dollars to General and Conference Special Sunday Offerings so far in 2018.  Thank you for your generosity!

New video for UMCOR Sunday

A new three-minute video explains the hope-filled mission of The United Methodist Committee on Relief.

UMCOR Sunday is March 11

One Great Hour of Sharing is now UMCOR Sunday. Give generously to the 100% promise.

UMCOR Sunday 4 weeks away

One Great Hour of Sharing is now UMCOR Sunday and this year it is set for March 11.

UMCOR in South Sudan

UMCOR Sunday keeps God’s love at work in places like South Sudan.

UMCOR Sunday is March 26

With support from UMCOR, the Inn Project in Tucson, Arizona has reunited 664 families.

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