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Why United Methodist, part three

Rev. Dwayne Bagley concludes his three-part series on embracing ways of John Wesley.

Life-changing moments

Just as Wesley had his Aldersgate experience, so can everyone have a Holy Spirit moment.

What does it mean to be evangelical?

Plenty of United Methodists claim the name evangelical but with different emphases.

How we got here

As UMC seeks a way forward, retired Bishop Mike Coyner describes how the church reached its current state.

40 Days with Wesley

Lenten devotional combines Wesleyan focus with the insightful reflections of Bishop Rueben Job.

John Wesley on unity

Wesleyan scholars say that when it comes to Methodism’s founder, the subject of unity gets complicated.

Celebrate All Saints on Nov. 6

John Wesley encouraged Methodists to remember and give thanks for saints gone to glory and those still living.

Wesley and the small group

Part 2 of a three-part series on making disciples the Wesley way.

Economic justice Wesley’s way

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry releases a small group study guide by Rev. Chris Momany.

Wesley believed Black Lives Matter

Calling himself, “a white, middle-aged man who is an elder in the UMC,” Steve Manskar examines his racial biases.

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