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Time to renew your heart

Bible with cross and chalice

In his latest blog “Home Words Bound,” the Rev. Benton Heisler reminds us of ten questions John Wesley asked to encourage his followers to journey toward wholeness, then and now.

A day John Wesley loved

All Saints painting

While many in the culture focus on Halloween, the traditional Christian holiday comes the next day. Known as “All Saints Day,” it was an observance John Wesley cherished.

Celebrating a shared Wesleyan heritage

Methodist family together in London.

Two sister churches — The Methodist Church in Britain and The United Methodist Church– look to increase their global connection.

Imagine a world

On the eve of Aldersgate Day, the Rev. Jack Harnish encourages the proclaiming of God’s redeeming love.

40 Days with Wesley

Journey through Lent with John Wesley and Rueben Job in this online study from Discipleship Ministries. 

John Wesley … a force for good

John Wesley and the Jedi have some personal habits and values in common.

A very Wesley New Year

A stained glass window of John Wesley. Photo by Ronny Perry, UMNS

From Three Simple Rules to cups of coffee, here are ways to make 2018 a United Methodist Year.

Reformed by scripture

For the past 500 years lay persons have been encouraged to search the scripture for guidance and hope.

Be like John Wesley

Missional, counter-cultural, sacramental, and marginal … words that describe Wesley’s drive to spread holiness.

Why United Methodist, part three

Rev. Dwayne Bagley concludes his three-part series on embracing ways of John Wesley.

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