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Engage in 30 Days of anti-racism

Anti-racism leaders, Morgan Stafford


The General Commission on Religion and Race invites you to engage in 30 days of anti-racism. Share your journey using #30DaysAntiRacism. Encourage others to join you.

Creator of 30 days of Anti-Racism
Morgan Stafford and his mentor, Dr. Deborah Smith. ~ photo courtesy GCORR

Campus minister Morgan Stafford has committed himself to live an anti-racist faith and life. “As a white man, I have learned that I’ve benefitted from racism, while people of color have been harmed. I believe that white Christians must take the lead to confront and dismantle racism. It’s our job.” Click here to journey with Morgan Stafford on Facebook.

To focus and make tangible his beliefs about anti-racism, Morgan spent the month of June doing at least one thing every day to listen to, learn from, do, and become more anti-racist. He then reported his progress via social media. We at GCORR liked the idea and reached out to Morgan to share his story, what he accomplished, and how it’s changed and enhanced his spiritual growth and his work with young people.

As a result, GCORR invites white allies (and others) to spend the month of September doing #30DaysAntiRacism. Please post photos of your activities using #30DaysAntiRacism and encourage your friends, members of your congregation, Sunday school class, pastors, and community partners to join this 30 day.

Click here for additional resources from The Michigan Conference.

Anti-racism activities
~ courtesy General Commission on Religion and Race

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

The Michigan Conference