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Charting a Way Forward

Bishop David Bard at St. Ignace UMC

Conversations continue around the state as Bishop Bard and Michigan delegates engage groups about A Way Forward for The UMC.

The Great Plains Conference has developed a chart that compares how the three plans offered by the Commission on a Way Forward would each impact The United Methodist Church.

The chart offers a summary of each plan — 1) One Church Plan, 2) Traditional Plan, and 3) Connectional Conference Plan — and lists the outcomes for local churches, clergy, Annual Conferences, Council of Bishops, General Agencies, Related Institutions, Finance and Pensions, and Episcopal Fund.

United Methodist News Service shares this helpful resource for discussions happening around the connection. 

Click here for a pdf of the chart.

Conversation is even more helpful than a chart. Plan to attend a Connectional Conversation with Bishop David Bard and Michigan’s delegates to the 2019 General Conference to discuss the important decisions that lie ahead. Learn more here.


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