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A Way Forward

Michigan looks to weave our future

In May 2020, hundreds of delegates will converge on Minneapolis, MN for General Conference. 

They will seek a way forward on the Church's understanding of human sexuality and its ministry with LBGTQ persons. At stake, may be the future of The United Methodist Church.

While this event may have a significant impact on the future of the global church, here in Michigan, we recently declared that we are "Better Together" in mission and ministry. We have just formed a new annual conference with a new and exciting structure for creating disciples of Jesus Christ.  That is not to say our new conference is free of disagreement.

Look for articles, videos and constantly updated resources in "A Way Forward Toolbox" at left.

An introduction by Bishop Bard

Bishop Bard has traveled the state conducting listening sessions.  This video offers his introduction and power point that he presents at each listening session that outline the issues United Methodists face and the possible solutions. 

Learning to listen to one another

As Bishop David stated recently, "While most of us like to think of the opinions we hold as well-supported, well-considered and well-argued, we would also do well to acknowledge that in many of the most important things we think about, there is always room for growth and new learning. Often well-considered, well-supported and well-argued opinions become so through shared conversation and dialogue. We should, then, be people who are open to new ideas, to new ways of looking at our lives and our faith, open to conversation and dialogue."  In that spirit, Bishop David invites you into a continuing dialog. 

How to create your own listening session.

Use the Connectional Conversation video above for Bishop David Bards introduction to all three plans or download the PowerPoint presentation below.

Access the "A Way Forward Toolbox" (left column) and download the various questions and guides to start your local conversation.

Weaving our future
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