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Bishop announces GC 2019 listening sessions

Bishops praying at Gener alConference 2019

Bishop David Bard has announced four more opportunities for dialogue with him on actions taken at the 2019 General Conference.

In a letter dated March 7, 2019, Bishop David Bard engaged the clergy and laity of The Michigan Conference around actions and aftermath of the 2019 General Conference.

“What most agree upon is that this is a challenging and difficult time for The United Methodist Church,” he said. Then he continued, “Emotions continue to run high. Reactivity is at a fever pitch, and social media is a great reactivity machine. How might we lead together in such a time as this?”

The Bishop gave the assurance that, “As your bishop, I am with you in the midst of all that is happening, and with you in ministry,” and invited all United Methodists in the state to , “join me in providing the leadership the Michigan United Methodist Church needs at this time, leadership which promotes less reactivity and more thoughtfulness, leadership which offers a holding environment that fosters creativity and adaptive work, leadership that is rooted in and promotes soul work, leadership that helps move the ministry of the church forward even in this uncertain time.”

To further that partnership in soul work, Bishop Bard now announces four opportunities to engage in conversation. The Post-General Conference listening sessions will be held at:

The format for the sessions will be a brief statement followed by questions and responses. Sessions are open to all persons.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

The Michigan Conference