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A Father’s Journey: Cancelled

This event will be rescheduled for a later date due to the #COVID19 pandemic. Continue Reading A Father’s Journey: Cancelled

Happy 100th to Methodist Scouting

Scouting at the door on Valentine's Day

The General Commission on United Methodist Men takes the lead in nurturing the Scouting Ministries of The United Methodist Church. 

Bishop announces GC 2019 listening sessions

Bishops praying at Gener alConference 2019

Bishop David Bard has announced four more opportunities for dialogue with him on actions taken at the 2019 General Conference.

Church Marketing Training: “Communicating Your Faith Story”

Is your church struggling to implement a communication strategy that will attract new faces and keep your own congregation informed? Communicating Your Faith Story is a Michigan Conference Training Event that will teach how to effectively communicate in today’s society and to equip your faith community to share transforming stories. Continue Reading Church Marketing Training: “Communicating Your Faith Story”

What kind of young person?

God’s love crosses the generations when a confirmation class visits a retirement community.

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