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Apply now for EncounterMICall

students at Encountermicall retreat

EncounterMICall is a 32-week internship for young adults that includes experience in areas like ministry with children, music, community engagement, and communications. Apply now.

For young adults working on their undergraduate degrees, finding an internship isn’t optional. More often than not, it’s a required part of their degree, and an internship is needed to graduate. Recognizing that there was a need among young adults, as well as wanting to provide an outlet to discern their vocational calls, the EncounterMICall Intern Program was born.

The EncounterMICall Intern program is a collaborative program between Wesley Campus Ministries, Michigan Area United Methodist Churches, and local churches and non-profit organizations. The purpose of the program is to develop young adult, student leaders spiritually grounded in the Wesleyan tradition. This is done by providing a year-long, intentionally mentored, missional focused local church and social service/non-profit agency internship. These internships are intended to assist participants in encountering God’s call in their lives, strengthening their leadership skills, deepening their Christian faith, and developing authentic practices for reaching current and future Christians of their own generation and younger generations.

Mentoring, discernment, and developing skills to reach current and new Christians will be a consistent focus of the intern experience. Each intern will receive weekly mentoring from Campus Ministers/Young Adult Ministers. All interns will gather for three trainings/retreats, the first being an August orientation, then the mid-point anti-bias training, and finally, the April Discernment Retreat.

EncounterMICall Discernment Retreat fall 2018
EncounterMICall interns participated in the April Discernment retreat called, Journey to the Table. These young adults participated in workshops led by other young adults, who were either pursuing their calls to ministry or working in their vocational calls. ~ photo courtesy Lisa Batten

Interns are paid for 10 hours weekly, unless otherwise arranged with the site and program director, for 32 weeks, which consist of two consecutive 16 week semesters – either Fall and Spring, Spring and Summer, or Summer and Fall.

The first step for young adults applying for the EncounterMICall Intern program is to do some discernment work before beginning the application process. Interns are required to pick an area of interest that best suits their vocational calls. The areas of interest available are children, youth, music, young adult, older adult, hospitality, nutrition, poverty/homelessness, and PR/Communications. If a young adult doesn’t see their preferred area of interest, there is an option for them to write it in.

The EncounterMICall Intern program is designed for young adults to find their vocational calls while being able to do what they love and get paid for the work that they’re doing.

For young adults interested in the EncounterMICall Intern program, the application link is live and can be found here.  For those who have questions, reach out to Lisa Batten, the Young Adult Initiatives Coordinator, via email at [email protected]. Deadline for application is August 20, 2019.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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