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Meet Lynda Sylvain, Fearless Fellow

Motown Mission staff

Since 2017 Lynda Sylvain has served as a US-2 in Detroit. She speaks here about her work at Motown Mission.

Profile in leadership

Lisa Batten receives Golden Yam Award

The Michigan Conference is served by three coordinators of age-level ministries. Meet Lisa Batten, the leader of Young Adult Initiatives.

Involving young people in stewardship

Young man making payment online

In a “Leading Ideas” feature, Ian Urriola outlines four ways churches can foster a culture of generosity among young people.

Graduating? What’s next?

Some ideas for graduates stepping into this new season with less anxiety and more confidence in your future.

Connecting with every generation

The Conference Older Adult Council cites Ecclesiastes and urges outreach across generations.

Big Kids Camp May 25-28, 2018

When you graduate from the camping system after your senior year of high school, what do you do? This is the question that many former campers ask when they age out of the camping system and head off to college. However, the desire for camp friends and the camp setting and experience will bring several… Continue Reading Big Kids Camp May 25-28, 2018

Young people and stewardship

A member of the Young Adult Network shares four keys to generous giving.

Looking for young artists

Young People’s Ministries is looking for artists to become “good Charles Wesleys.”

First-time sermon inspires hope

A young pastor in Tennessee went to the pulpit on his opening Sunday to bless and be blessed.

Camp is for Big Kids, too

Did you think that United Methodist camping is just for children and youth? It’s time to think again!