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Young Adult Ministry

Young adults with cell phones

“If we are genuinely concerned about engaging young people, particularly those that are vulnerable or at risk, we must listen to them properly.”

-Libby Brooks


Ministry with young adults in the MI Conference includes a variety of short-term internships and post graduate fellowships, campus ministries, and resources for local churches who want to reach young adults. 
Make sure to check out the toolbox for all of the intern programs! 

Young Adult Resources

Local Church Resources 

LatinxT Logo

“Creating the balance between Intellectual and Physical Labor in leadership.”

The goal of LatinxT is to provide online workshops, presentations, and resources. These services center around leadership that focuses on healing, mental and spiritual health, non-capitalistic professions/careers/hobbies.  They aim to foster an overall state of understanding that doesn’t reinforce our value in the world to be calculated by our physical/manual labor and sacrificing of our Latinx identity/culture/perspective.

Upcoming Events 

  • Growing Young Cohort with Yulee Lee and Jake Mulder October 14th 10:00 am- 4:00pm



Important Dates

  • Sept. 20th 6:30 pm Div. of Young Adult meeting
  • October 6th 1:30-3:30 DHECM meeting