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Why does Pentecost matter to me?

The dove is a symbol of Pentecost

Count 50 days from Easter and you arrive at Pentecost, a day that many call the birthday of the Christian Church. This year Pentecost is celebrated on June 9th.

In a feature for the United Methodist Church’s website,, Joe Iovino says, “While most United Methodists can articulate what they believe about Jesus and are reasonably comfortable talking about God, our confidence might waver when talking about the Holy Spirit.

Maybe that is because we can relate to Jesus as a human being and understand God through personified imagery like “Heavenly Father.”

The symbols we use to talk about the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, are far less human. At Pentecost we read about the Spirit as fire and wind. Read more about what Joe has to say.

Pentecost celebrates God giving spiritual gifts to the first followers of Jesus. The best part is, God keeps giving spiritual gifts to all God’s people ever since! 

Have you ever wondered what YOUR spiritual gifts are? Click here to learn more about the 20 spiritual gifts and to take an online gifts assessment that will help you better understand God’s working in your life. There are spiritual gifts you might expect, like miracles. And there are things you might not have thought of as a spiritual gift, like administration.

Check it out. It’s a Pentecost-thing to do!