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Talking about the film, ‘Detroit’

“Detroit” is among films drawing many to theaters this summer. Here’s what some are saying.
Many United Methodists in The Michigan Area lived through the events in 1967 that are dramatized in the movie, “Detroit.”

Conversations among those who have seen the film will rekindle memories and provoke thoughts on current events.

Read a review of the film by Ed McNulty, who for 37 years has published film reviews, study guides and books that explore the connections between faith and popular culture.

McNulty reports: “At times the brutality, both physical and mental, is so strong that it is difficult to watch, but watch it we should. I write this despite the disturbing Huffington Post article “‘Detroit’ Is The Most Irresponsible and Dangerous Movie Of The Year.” The distinguished authors attack the filmmakers for omitting the historical background of the riot and treating the blacks as just victims without giving us any of their background. I agree that providing more context would have improved the film, but I do not accept their recommendation to skip the film. It might be flawed, but it nevertheless should be viewed and discussed by as many people as possible.”

He also cites a Detroit Free Press feature,  “Eyewitness to horrific night depicted in ‘Detroit’ movie shares story.” Click here for the Free Press article.

Visual Parables, an online dialogue about film and faith produced by Ed McNulty, promises  a set of discussion questions to facilitate small group use of the film. The study guide will be available in October.

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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