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Africa University, school of dreams

AU student and trip photographer, Sam

When Superintendent of the Grand Rapids District, she helped raise $500,000 for the Ubuntu Centre at Africa University that recently housed visitors from Iowa.

From everywhere to everywhere

People viewing mission map

Bishop Laurie Haller takes a personal look at an awesome global enterprise … the mission of The United Methodist Church.

Meet Bishop Laurie Haller

This podcast introduces one who is no stranger to Michigan United Methodists. Listen to Bishop Laurie Haller.

Beyond the hashtag

Bishop Laurie Haller discusses #MeToo and healthy boundaries in her weekly blog.

‘What is your hope level?’

Bishop Laurie Haller reports on a recent visit made by Bishop Judy Craig to the NCJ College of Bishops.

Circuit riders on wheels

Wayne Bank, Detroit Conference layman, joins Bishop Laurie Haller pedaling across Iowa.

Life, death and resurrection in Boston

“Simply put,” says Bishops Laurie Haller, “the marathon is a metaphor for the Christian life.”

What saves your life?

A Guest Blog by Bishop Laurie Haller describes things that help her cope with daily stress.

The sacred dance

As she says ‘Goodbye’ to Michigan, Bishop Laurie Haller celebrates the spirit of Aldersgate UMC in Grand Rapids.

Shaking the truth together

Birmingham 1st United Methodist Church and Dearborn’s Islamic House of Wisdom build bridges of truth and understanding.

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