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Change through free coaching

20 days of free coaching will be available to all pastors and laity in The Michigan Conference starting Feb. 7. Sign up and start the year refreshed.

So, you made News Year’s resolutions and are already in the doldrums? Break through the lethargy with 20 days of free coaching offered by The Michigan Conference. Make 2020 a year of new beginnings by taking advantage of this opportunity.

In 2019 the Michigan Conference field staff chose coaching as a significant factor in the readiness of leaders to lead. Coaching is recognized as a solid foundation for growing strong organizations, creative leadership, and risk-taking initiatives. The Conference is creating a coaching culture in Michigan to enhance the quality of our Gospel faithfulness.

Coaching is a partner relationship. A coach supports, accompanies and challenges the one-being-coached to think differently and discover a new perspective. This, in turn, invites and initiates movement toward action. Coaching ministry leaders is a significant factor in developing vibrant congregations, bold and effective leaders, community ministries and daring missions.

Some Michigan Conference coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Many have provided coaching to professionals in ministry and congregations pursuing congregational renewal.

Other of our coaches are new to the profession and are working toward a professional certification through ICF. They need a specific number of coaching hours to become certified.

Michigan coaches are now available to provide this free-coaching opportunity.  Twenty days of free coaching are available; each session is 30 minutes long. The coaching sessions are open on February 7-26, 2020.

How to sign up for a free 30-minute coaching session …

  1. Follow this link to sign up. Indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation of the coaching session date and time. Your coach will call the number you provided during registration.
  3. Important! Before your coach calls at the confirmed date and time, decide on the focus of the coaching session.
  4. Find a place free of distractions for the coaching call. Prepare yourself to be fully present to make the most of this free coaching session.
  5. A follow-up email message will invite your feedback online.

Your participation will help the Michigan Conference improve our coaching initiative. Thank you. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about coaching in The Michigan Conference.

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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