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Relief in path of Florence

UMCOR warehouse full of Cleaning Buckets

UMCOR is at work partnering with United Methodist Annual Conferences in Florence’s path. Follow Michigan Disaster Response for specific ways to help. Prayers and dollars for now. Please don’t self-deploy.

The latest from the United Methodist Committee on Relief … 

September 14, 2018 | UMCOR is pleased to report that conferences are as prepared as possible to respond to the potential damage caused by Hurricane Florence. We ask that those wishing to assist to please not self-deploy

Cleaning Kits, Tool Trailers and other supplies have been strategically placed throughout the region. Moreover, experienced Early Response Teams (ERTs) and Disaster Response Coordinators (DRCs) are prepared to assist immediately when conditions are safe for entry in the following conferences: South Georgia, North Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Western North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Peninsula-Delaware, Baltimore-Washington, Eastern Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania and Susquehanna (Northeastern and Central portions of Pennsylvania). 

These teams bring supplies into affected areas, beginning cleanup and assessment for long-term assistance. 

Conferences in the region that are not severely impacted by the storm are prepared to send teams and resources to those most affected.

The South Carolina and North Carolina conferences have both requested $10,000 emergency grants, which UMCOR awarded. These grants allow for the immediate use of funds for response after the storm. 

UMCOR and DRCs across the region are actively monitoring Florence’s path and impact and will continue to do so as the storm makes its way inland.

The Michigan Conference has a Disaster Response Team that organizes resources and coordinates efforts of individuals and churches. On their website you will meet Disaster Response Coordinators Bob Miller and Dan O’Malley. Please note that The Michigan Conference has a new Volunteer in Mission Coordinator, Jody Pratt.  

As weather events unfold, watch for specific ways to become involved in this disaster response. 

Dollar donations for Hurricane Relief can be made here; Disaster Response, United States #901670.