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Motown staffer loves Detroit

Katie Grosh comes back to Detroit for a second year on the staff of Motown Mission. She shares why.

The Motown Mission Experience is an urban work mission destination in Detroit, Michigan for Christian youth, college, and adult groups interested in economic disaster recovery work in the name of Jesus Christ.

Motown Mission began and continues as a United Methodist connected organization, offering an experience deeply rooted in Wesleyan theology and the contemporary UMC’s call to mission and service as a means for individual and communal transformation. Learn more about this opportunity.

Katie Grosh
Katie Grosh

Katie Grosh, a  junior at Carleton College, explains why she has returned to Michigan …

“This summer, I decided to return to Motown Mission for my second year on staff.  After living abroad in Spain, and going to school in Minnesota, the prospect of spending the summer in home-sweet Michigan, with truly amazing coworkers and friends, was appealing.

“Not everyone that I talked to, however, understood why I wanted to come back and work in Detroit.  The city has a reputation.  The first things that probably come to mind are the stories commonly told by the media: bankruptcy, crime, racial riots, white flight, violence, and poverty.  Before I lived there last summer, most of the people I spoke with said, “Detroit!  It’s so dangerous!  Why on earth are you going there?”

“And it is true that Detroit has not had an easy history, and still faces many economic and racial challenges.  But this is not the Detroit that I know, and the story of Detroit I want to share.”

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