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Is confirmation still important?

Youth participating in a service project

What does confirmation look like for youth today? Rev. Christy Miller White says confirmation can be engaging and relevant, and she can assist in resourcing congregations to find the best fit.

Coordinator of Youth Ministry Initiatives, Michigan Conference

It’s the twenty-first century. Is confirmation still important? The short answer is both yes and no. Let me elaborate.

Youth have a variety of ways to source information that interests them. With smartphones in their pockets, there is very little they cannot discover in the realm of the information superhighway. But we are also very aware that much of the Internet is not necessarily fact-checked or accurate on many matters.

It’s also challenging to know what online content to trust as it relates to The United Methodist Church. Do a search about the UMC, and you are more likely to find a news article about some recent drama or trauma in the church world rather than land on the official UMC.org web page, which provides accurate information on what United Methodists believe. So no, youth do not need confirmation classes to receive information about The United Methodist Church, Christianity, or faith in general.

However, it is critical that the youth in our churches understand how to live out their faith in the world, understand what Wesleyan theology is and why we believe it is important, and learn how to use their reason, Scripture, experience, and church tradition while viewing the world around them. Confirmation classes are an excellent way to make that happen.

Confirmation in the twenty-first century does not need to look like the confirmation of our childhood to be beneficial. There are various ways to engage students in faith and history. There are online resources, field trips to interfaith religious centers, service projects in the community, and so much more!

The field staff of the Michigan Conference would love to help if you are interested in starting a confirmation class or updating your current programming! We have compiled resources from a variety of places to assist you in customizing a confirmation program that will work best in your church and community. Some of these resources have been created and customized by local clergy, and others have been produced by publishing houses. There are many options.

If you are interested in learning more about these resources, please get in touch with Rev. Christy Miller White at [email protected].

Let’s keep learning and passing on our faith to future generations!

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

The Michigan Conference