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From generation to generation

Korean American family celebrating Easter

In celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Dr. Jennifer Hahm and Rev. Andy Lee illuminate some of the cultural values and faith practices that sustain… Continue Reading From generation to generation

5 tips for sharing the Lenten story with children

Symbols of Lent

Children’s book author Glenys Nellist offers five tips on how to honor the season of Lent in age-appropriate, meaningful ways while still giving it the attention it deserves.

You are not alone in ministry

Hands together

The Michigan Conference is launching seven new cohorts to give leaders peer support as they navigate faith formation in their churches or start new ministries.

How to build lifelong faith

Large family with people of all ages

In a new cohort beginning January 10, John Roberto will guide church leaders in envisioning and implementing a lifelong faith formation plan.

A love letter from Poppa

Glenn's two grandsons

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Glenn Wagner writes a love letter to his two grandsons about seven helpful life lessons he’s learned over seven decades of faith.

Thank you, Miss Nellie and Rev. Broyles

Pastor praying with woman at church

Retired pastor John E. Harnish reflects on how we measure the influence one Sunday school teacher or one caring pastor can have on a person’s life.

Modeling creation care with children

Father picking up two children from school

Here are 10 tips to equip churches and families in their interactions with children about why being caretakers of God’s creation matters.

Investing in sacred space on campus

College students at a service project in Mississippi

Campus ministries are fearless leaders in building innovative, come-as-you-are faith communities as they flex and adapt to the unique challenges facing young adults today.

Christian Education Sunday grows faith

Woman reading to children

STEP TWO: Learn how recent funding through the annual Christian Education Sunday offering has grown faith and then plan for this year’s date, set for August 20. Continue Reading Christian Education Sunday grows faith

Speak to the mind and the soul

Hotel at Chautauqua

Retired pastor John E. Harnish reflects on how the model of Chautauqua should inspire churches to speak to the intellect and mind as well as the soul and spirit.

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