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UM Camping sets a new course

Stuart Smith shares a new approach to camping

“The report of camping is at the heart of everyone,” said trustee chair Jim LeBaron after a new program approach was shared during the 2020 Corporate Session of The Michigan Annual Conference.

Profile in leadership

Rev. Cathy Pittenger with young people of Waterford Central UMC

The Michigan Conference is served by three coordinators of age-level ministries. Meet Kathy Pittenger, the new Coordinator of Children’s Initiatives.

Creativity in Faith Formation

Creativity is defined as using your imagination to come up with an idea, to create an object of art or to solve a problem. At the CEF conference in Des Moines, IA;  I attended two workshops on the theme of Creativity in Faith Formation. In the first workshop titled: Nurturing Children’s Natural Creativity by Barbara… Continue Reading Creativity in Faith Formation

School supplies you cannot buy

School Supplies

Fresh markers. New backpack. Brand name shoes. These are not the most important things that kids take into the classroom this fall.

Equip families for worship

Liturgy Boxes used in the pew can deepen and enhance a family worship experience.

Creating a culture of call

United Methodists urged to ask early and ask often when encouraging people to explore God’s call to them.

Called to make peace

Against headlines of war, the Christian Education Week focus for 2017 is Peacemakers.

Interpreter features Chelsea camp

A member of Chelsea First UMC explains why they “are hooked” on spending time in the woods.

Journey from Korea

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung tells how his faith is rooted in an experience growing up in South Korea.

Partnering with readers

Waterford: Central’s partnership with a local elementary school has been a blessing for many.