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Gauging for effectiveness and growth

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In this feature from Leading Ideas, church consultant Rich Birch offers some novel indicators that can reveal growth and engagement. 

It’s time to look beyond “nickels and noses,” says Rich Birch, founder of unSeminary Resources. “Too often, church leaders only pay attention to weekend attendance and revenue patterns at their churches,” he says.

He encourages church leaders to look “under the hood” at some other leading indictors, like:

  1. New-here guests;
  2. Percentage of volunteers;
  3. First-time volunteers;
  4. Next-steps to Jesus;
  5. Gallons of coffee;
  6. Kid-to-adult ratio.

Using these measures makes, “the difference between a black and white picture and a 3D image,” Birch concludes.


Last Updated on February 18, 2019

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