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Everything Rhymes with Theology

Ministry Matters hosts a new weekly podcast where pop culture and faith come together.

Mark Lockhard and Ben Howard come to you, from the Ministry Matters studio in Nashville, “nerding out” on a variety of topics each week.

“There isn’t anything–TV, movies, comics, books, music–that doesn’t fall into the theological,” according to this duo.

The top of every show features discussion of something current.  The Zeitgeist subjects in the first two podcasts are the films Logan and Beauty and the Beast.

The second segment each week will take a more in-depth look at something “set in stone.” Week 1 From The Vault reviews a classic episode of The West Wing; Week 2 revisits U2’s album Joshua Tree.

CLICK HERE for access to Week 1.

CLICK HERE for access to Week 2.

Ministry Matters is an online resource produced by The United Methodist Publishing House.