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Compass Podcast nurtures the soul

Compass in hand

How do you nurture your soul? Twice a month, the Compass Podcast explores that question with special guests about how they are encountering spirituality in surprising ways.

The Rethink Church community of The United Methodist Church knows people are looking for answers. What else do we believe? What do we do? articles and podcasts provide answers to those questions and many more. 

Rethink asserts, “Life isn’t perfect. But we believe that when we open ourselves to God’s love, we find love, faith, and joy.”

Twice a month, Compass Podcasts have a conversation with a special guest. Hosts Pierce Drake and Ryan Dunn go on a podcastic adventure to come up with creative answers to the old, old question: “How goes it with your soul?” 

There are 44 podcasts to date. Recent topics include:

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