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Building bridges with music

Joe Kye, self-proclaimed “immigrant musician,” plays his violin to celebrate diversity.

This video is part of the Vital Conversations series produced by the General Commission on Religion and Race.

Joe Kye was born in Seoul, Korea then moved with his family to the United States when he was six-years-old. In 4th grade he began playing the violin, finding “solace in music.” He has chosen basement jam sessions to symphony in order to grow and express himself through “diverse influences.” He calls the church to courage and love.

The video begins with Joe plucking the strings of his violin and reciting the familiar words of Matthew 25:35 … “I was hungry and you gave me food …

As an “immigrant musician,” Kye speaks of worship as an act enabling introspection and vulnerability.

Note… Joe Kye’s sharing begins at 7:18.


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