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Holy Land with Bards November, 2018


Eighty persons have signed up for the Bishop’s Holy Land Classic Journey and there’s still room for more!

O November 12-21, 2018, Bishop David Bard and his wife Julie will follow in the ancient and venerated footsteps of thousands of faithful Christians. Sponsored through Educational Opportunities, this 10-day tour visits a number of locations including (but not limited to) the Galilee, Jerusalem and the Old City, Bethlehem, Cana and Nazareth. There’s also an optional extension tour to Jordan to experience Petra and the Dead Sea.

Time in the Holy Land brings a new awareness to reading the Scriptures. One stands on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and can reflect on Jesus gathering his disciples for teaching and ministry. Walking through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem fills the senses with the way people have lived for thousands of years. Travel to the Holy Land also helps us understand modern times and life in the Middle East. Friendships are made, barriers are broken down and many passengers come home with a deep love for the people of the land.

The tour with Bishop Bard includes daily devotions, singing and prayers at many of the biblical sites and three worship experiences with the entire group: remembering baptism at the Jordan River, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and Holy Communion at the Garden Tomb. Professional guides are with the group every day as we travel.

A complete brochure can be viewed on line at eo.travel. Click on “I Know My Tour” and enter the following data. Tour=HL18. Date=111218 . Code=M. Brochures can also be obtained at the Episcopal Office, any of the District Offices or by contacting Project Coordinator Rev. Ann Emerson at 810-334-5799 or [email protected]. Rev. Emerson is also available to answer specific questions about the tour.

Pricing is $3,398 from Detroit and $3,548 from Grand Rapids. The all-inclusive price includes: Basic Tour and Guided Sightseeing, Roundtrip airfare, Daily Buffet Breakfast and Dinner, Ground Transportation, First Class Hotels and much more.

Plan to accompany the Bards on this spiritual pilgrimage. This will not be a commercial tour. This will be a true faith experience and they would consider it a privilege to have you with them.


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