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Bagging Lunch at NOAH

US-2 missionary at NOAH Project Detroit, Chelsea Williams, shares tips for being a good volunteer.

In her recent blog, Detroit Sweet Potato/young adult missionary in the Motor City, Chelsea Williams shares some things she’s learned during her 10 months on the job.

“Before I began working there, I figured that I would learn many new things,” Chelsea begins. “One that I did not expect to learn, however, was how to become a better volunteer.”

Chelsea celebrates NOAH's new dishwasher ... faster cleaning and no more foam cups. ~Facebook/NOAH Project
Chelsea celebrates NOAH’s new dishwasher … faster cleaning and no more foam cups. ~Facebook/NOAH Project

Chelsea serves as the Bag Lunch Coordinator, in charge of making sure there is lunch to serve and volunteers to pack and serve it. Over 35,000 lunches a year are served to NOAH’s guests. She explains that the hospitality volunteers enable helps NOAH better serve the community.

“Without volunteers, the agency wouldn’t be able to operate the way it does and get as much done,” she says.

Chelsea is from North Carolina and will serve NOAH through the summer of 2016 as a Global Mission Fellow of the General Board of Global Ministries.

A student at Appalachian State, Chelsea became active at the Wesley Foundation. “I grew so much in my faith through this ministry. I learned how to become a servant, love others, and worship God.”

Chelsea studied to become a physical therapist in order to help those in need of physical healing and rehabilitation. She came to realize that her desire “to help the human body translated into also serving Christ’s body.” This realization led her to seek mission service.

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