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Young adults in mission

The United Methodist Church provides opportunities for young adults who want to transform the world.
From Alaska to Florida and points in between, the US-2 program offers 24 months of service for those called to serve in the United States. The program is open to persons ages 20-30 who want to get to the roots of injustice and affect positive change.

There are currently three US-2s in ministry right here in the Detroit Conference: Chelsea Spyres, Chelsea Williams, and Kayla Flannery.

Young Adults , 18 and older who are interested in servant ministry will find leadership development and encouragement from the Mission Intern Program of The Detroit Conference.

Mission Interns reach out to poor to impact their lives in a positive way. This includes keeping children safe, building self-concept and involving children in service projects

The program helps urban and rural congregations build bridges to their communities. Mission Intern Sites are needed as well as Mission Interns.


Last Updated on November 7, 2022

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