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What I’ve noticed about ministry

Ministry now as Elder

The Rev. Jon Reynolds shares his top ten observations from his first decade in ministry. He encourages others to respond to God’s call.

Co-Pastor, Brighton First UMC

A couple of observations after nearly 10 years into ministry.
1. You’re always learning. That’s why we call it the “practice” of ministry. But serving in ministry gives me hope.

2. Seeing people use their spiritual gifts is so inspiring. Early on in ministry, I thought it was my job to do as much of the work as I could. Six years ago I had an epiphany that other people are so much more talented than I am. My new role was to help others succeed. It’s been a blessing.

3. I’m wrong. Not just sometimes, but a fair amount of the time. I’ve learned to get better at admitting it.

4. It’s a privilege to walk with people at the milestone moments of their lives. Birth, marriage, and death are all sacred.

5. Every day is different. I love that. Most days I have no idea what will come across my desk or through the door.

6. The church isn’t perfect. But I think we are better together than we are alone.

7. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. People’s stories are so inspiring.

8. I have loved teaching and serving. It’s so fun to lead classes, go on trips to other places and roll up my sleeves to help others.

9. Christmas Eve and Easter are so special and inspiring.

10. Serving has helped me grow my own faith.

This year more people are retiring from ministry than there are new ministers being commissioned. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shock. This is probably true for most professions these days.
If you feel like you’ve been called to ministry, I’m here to tell you there are days that are hard. Still, for years it has been one of the most joy-filled professions out there. Let me know if you’d like to talk about your calling. God can use you, even if you think God can’t.
Friends, is there anything you would add to my list of observations?
~ Clergy couple Jon Reynolds and Lindsey Hall currently are co-pastors of Brighton First UMC. Jon’s previous appointments include Rochester: St. Paul’s UMC (associate) and Detroit: Cass Community UMC (associate). He serves as the Michigan Conference chairperson of the Liberia Covenant Partnership.