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Training set on single-board leadership

church board meeting

The Michigan Conference is hosting a free training event on August 10 on the single-board style of church leadership that many churches are adopting.

Are you a pastor moving to a new church that uses a single-board form of leadership, or are you a church that uses a single-board form of governance and is receiving a new pastor this year?

On August 10, from 9:30 am to noon, the Michigan Conference will hold a free training event on the single-board style of leadership. There’s no limit to the number of participants from each church, so invite your entire leadership team.

You can join in person at the Michigan Conference Center, 1011 Northcrest Rd., Lansing, MI, 48906, or via Zoom (training will be recorded and sent to all registrants afterward). There is no cost, but registration is required. Those attending in person will receive a copy of Mission Possible 3+.

Many churches in our conference are moving to a single-board form of leadership, which simplifies leadership structure and focuses on ministry while making meetings fewer in number but larger in meaning. Some use Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford’s Mission Possible 3+ as their guide. This is the method that Bishop David Bard and the Cabinet prefer you use. It adheres most closely to The Book of Discipline.

The training on August 10 will help churches ensure they are meeting the requirements of The Book of Discipline and getting all they can out of this leadership style. It will also help pastors without experience in the single-board approach understand the benefits. With the pastor and representatives of the board present, there can be good conversation to help the church be the most effective as possible.

If you have questions, please contact Dirk Elliott at 810-965-2349 or [email protected].

Last Updated on July 27, 2023

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