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Tiny home update from Detroit

Cass Tiny Homes

Faith Fowler shared the vision at the 2016 Michigan Annual Conference. Today seven residents are in their tiny new homes.

In this week’s edition of “Read the Spirit” Editor David Crumm shares the latest news from Detroit’s tiny-home neighborhood sponsored by Cass Community Social Services.

He lifts up two resources for those wanting to know more. First, an interview with the Rev. Faith Fowler by Ethan Waldman, host of the Tiny House Lifestyle podcast. And then Faith Fowler’s book, Tiny Homes in a Big City.

Waldman’s introduction states: “I get emails and have conversations with people all the time who tell me that tiny houses are THE SOLUTION to homelessness and affordable housing. And while they may just be right, not many people have the time, motivation, or resources to actually make something happen. My guest today, Reverend Faith Fowler is in the process of building 25 tiny homes for the homeless in Detroit. And this isn’t a just pie in the sky idea… Seven of the homes are already complete and have residents living in them. So how do you turn an idea like giving away tiny houses to the homeless into a reality? Listen to my interview with reverend Faith Fowler to find out.”


Note: A Tiny Homes Progressive Tour and Meal is being hosted by Cass Community Social Services August 30 through September 2. Register at Casscommunity.org.

Last Updated on August 14, 2018

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