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The next Reformation

500 years after Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation, his spirit lives on in the church today. 

Preaching after catastrope

Duke Divinity School professor considers what to take to the pulpit when something bad happens.

Pastors oppose candidate endorsements

Voting card

Recent poll supports the position that Jesus called us to be political but not partisan.

Wesley’s four sources

Scholar Philip Wingeier-Rayo analyzes Wesleyan heritage and cultural shifts.

Pastors talk about ‘The Shack’

These clergy believe pop culture can sometimes make Jesus more accessible to the churchless.

If Christian books were restaurants

One Kentucky pastor serves up a must-read menu, from appetizer to dessert.

Remembering God in Advent

Rev. Dan Dick tells the story of how a seminary class changed a lifetime of thinking about Advent.

Taking our theology seriously

The New Testament and John Wesley stand firm on the absolute equality of all persons.

Not to worry

Watch cable news. Read the blogs. Follow on Facebook. You will find a lot to worry about.

Appeal of Star Wars

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin reflects on the religious motifs explored in the latest 3D epic, The Force Awakens.

The Michigan Conference