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What to fear this Halloween

Halloween in Marquette

As churches in communities around Michigan host Trunk or Treat events, the Rev. Jack Harnish defends the celebration of Halloween and encourages folks to look for evil where it truly resides.

Costumes for Kiddos a treat

Children in Halloween costumes

The question of the season is, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Costumes for Kiddos is a ministry that provides an answer for some families in the neighborhood.  

A day John Wesley loved

All Saints painting

While many in the culture focus on Halloween, the traditional Christian holiday comes the next day. Known as “All Saints Day,” it was an observance John Wesley cherished.

Coming soon … Trunk or Treat!

Car in a Trunk of Treat event

Four weeks and Halloween is here. Local churches can get in on the fun by reaching out to their communities with Trunk or Treat.

Church recycles Costumes for Kiddos

A day-after Halloween activity … collect trick-or-treat costumes for future outreach.

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