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Faith is caught, not taught

Duck eating from outstretched hand

Each of us is a “source of blessing or a source of curse” says the director of World Methodist Evangelism.

What your mission dollars do

When people of faith give, we put ourselves and our money to work for God’s mission near and far. 

Ministry with zero dollars

“There should be ample reason to spend the ‘widow’s mite,’” says professor Philip Nation.

Barrett Award applications are due

Applications for the Wayne C. Barrett  Steward Leader Award are due February 28.

Church sees record giving

Church Steeple

If The United Methodist Church had a “Paid-in-Full” stamp, it would be getting good use around the world. 

Connecting to do more

The global connection of The United Methodist Church helps inform and inspire generous giving.

Ask and get more

A deeper look into fundraising psychology and tips to help you move people to give generously.

The Little Drummer Boy

What’s your favorite carol? A woman recounts how she and her piano are like the little drummer boy.

Honoring our vows: gifts

People associate gifts with money but sharing spiritual gifts is also an important commitment.

Young people and stewardship

A member of the Young Adult Network shares four keys to generous giving.